For the Madman the Neighbor is Himself


“Police continue to investigate the recent events surrounding the statues with missing heads. The latest count of headless statues in the continent amounts to 2,058. Senior detectives are still at odds with the circumstances surrounding this wave of crimes. No details have been released regarding the prime suspects or possible motives. We will keep reporting as the story develops.”

For the Madman the Neighbor is Himself is a project that charts the conflicts of the so-called Cephalic Wars, with a particular emphasis on Mr. Leader, the main protagonist. Two years in the making, this project features several newsreels and short documentaries of the period as well as pages from the private journals of Mr. Leader.

The project culminated in the book also entitled For The Madman the Neighbor is Himself published by Sputnik Press. This field-defining collection of texts consolidates and builds momentum in the expanding area of Leaderian studies. It draws from original sources, including vivid accounts from Mr. Leader himself, as well as academic studies and media coverage of the Cephalic Wars. In some ways it is a meditation on fate and free will. The result, the first coherent account of the archfiend of Mainland, is a fascinating study in the history of the modern mind.

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