Mr. Leader’s Private Journals


Mr. Leader’s Private Journals is a compilation of unpublished excerpts from Mr. Leader’s private memoirs and journals. In these fascinating documents the reader will briefly glance at the mind of one of the most intriguing figures in recent memory.

Mr. Leader was Nation’s head of state and initiator of Cephalic Wars raged against Mainland. Regarded as one of the few remaining believers in the revolt of Matter against Man, Mr. Leader vowed to “end the tyranny of reason”, and “to give voice, restore madness its right to speak.” Mr. Leader was frequently described as a failed scholar with a dubious relationship with reality.

The Cephalic Wars took the form of a ferocious struggle over the nature of Reason. Nation had reaffirmed its commitment to establish a new method of Thought dissociated from reality while Mainland refused to abdicate of what it called a ‘natural order of reasoning and sense’. The continuous accounts of decapitated statues’ heads ignited a bloody cycle of Leaderian resistance and Mainland repression, which culminated in an armed uprising in Mainland. Set in the Lost Century, the wars happened in a time when Logic and Thought were familiar everyday personages

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