X-Ray of the Plot


X-Ray of the Plot is a series of works based on a narrative that draws from a tradition of science fiction and cyberpunk literature to relate future wartime events. When reports concerning the disappearance of statues’ heads begin to emerge throughout the world, the reader is introduced to a previously unknown underground nation called “Nation” and “Mr. Leader,” the initiator of this bellicose endeavor.

The two factions of this conflict embody a battle between sanity and madness, with the emergent Nation clamming the primacy of Unreason over Reason. Mr. Leader declares war on Sanity and sets out to prove it possible to live within a systemic unreason. This narrative is presented in a series of prints, where the three-dimensional structure of the plot is exposed in its various viewpoints; that is, much like an x-ray plate, the plot’s structure is analyzed from all angles.

The project then continues in a series of short films on this conflict. Mr. Leader – A Patriotic Crook tells the story of the obscure upbringings of Mr. Leader, his rise to power, ideology and his ultimate his demise. Newscast Special: Mainland Reports follows the news reports of the first sightings of headless statues and their impact in the population.

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