Alexandre Singh & Rita Sobral Campos
Fundação EDP, Lisbon, 2008

The show aimed at simulating a visit to a museum of the everyday life of a fictitious regime. The objects displayed in the twelve vitrines reflect the regime’s authoritarian vein. Each plinth and glass dome presents artifacts ranging from bureaucratic official forms and stamps, to cereal packets and baseball bats.

These objects are insidiously marked with official seals as if this government is present in every detail. Moreover, via the various portraits of its leaders spread around the room, it oversees the museum itself.

At the center of this museum of the mundane stands a large structure of an impromptu barricade – an alien object that landed in the center of the space overturning some of the vitrines. Inside this structure, elements of the plinths – Time magazines – are being cut and collaged into absurd slogans that are multiplied by the dozens in small paper pieces and compacted into little balls. These pellets are then integrated into a mechanical system that bombards the entire museum with these spitballs of propaganda.

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