The Last Faust Myth in the History of Mankind and Teletransporter


The Last Faust Myth in The History Of Mankind is a script about the misadventures of distant heroes and the story of their homecoming. It mirrors an odyssey of confused characters and the failed mischief of Mephistopheles. The narrative brings together a writer and a con man from the beginning of the XX century, a heroine from the XV century, a popular prophet from the XVI century and a fiendish figure. Albeit the time lapses and geographic distances of the characters, they are able to interact via the classic science fiction travel method – the teleporter. The story tries to enlighten the inadequacy of the individual in relation to our civilizational madness.

The project is comprised of twenty-three prints or plates of the script, a teleporter machine and its three platforms for receiving matter.

Teletransporter and The Last Faust Myth in The History Of Mankind was exhibited in two separate venues. The first installment was part of a special project commissioned by Adam Budak for “On Rituals of Homecoming” in Lodz, Poland. In Lodz we presented our version of a teleporter machine in the shape of a large-scale wood sculpture, and six of the twenty-three plates that constitute the script of The Last Faust Myth in The History Of Mankind. The prints selected presented each of the five characters of the plot as well as the first lines of the story.

In Porto, at Pedro Oliveira Gallery, the remaining plates of the plot were shown next to three sculptures – the three platforms for receiving matter from the teleporter machine built in Lodz.

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