Frederik Films


This series of 16mm films represents the moment in the narrative in which Frederik enlists the advice of five mutually conflicting heresies. In these films envoys from each of Heresies appear before Frederik to try to convince her that their view of the Universe is the true one. The narratives that unfold in a labyrinth of plots and shapes draw on broad philosophical and historical context, mixed with references to physics and the neurosciences as well.

1st Heresy: The Fictas
16mm film, 5min 41sec

1st Heresy: The Fictas
16mm film, 5min 41sec
2nd Heresy: The Mystics
16mm film, 3min 36sec
3rd Heresy: The Artisans
16mm film, 3min 59sec
4th Heresy: The Logicians
16mm film, 5min 4sec
5th Heresy: The Neuros
16mm film, 3min 39sec
16mm film, 2min 51sec

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